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I've been using the Diablo Immortal Bot for the past day running non stop and went from para 20 to para 30 , fast updates and awesome new features! Highly recommend! I'm only doing rifts 24/7 but will start checking out the open world farming this weekend


This bot has saved me so much time, used to spend 6 hours a day grinding and I was just barely keeping up. Now I bot for 8 hours a day and play 1-2 hours and I've gone up 1.5k CR in just under 2 weeks!!!

Big T

10/10 great price and works great. Can't wait too see whats the updates gonna look like in the future , big shout out too the Team for making this.


Fully featured Diablo Immortal Bot

A fully featured Diablo Immortal Bot is here. Its a program safe to use designed to automate your Diablo Immortal experience and play your character to the fullest.

Thanks to the Pixel technology, no injection in to the game has to be made.

Best Diablo Immortal Bot on the market

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Questions and Answers

What to expect from this Diablo Immortal Bot?

Instead of spending hours and hours to unlock the levels, you can sit back and relax with a coke. A few hours later you will have progressed a lot and enabled new Paragon levels only by using this Diablo Immortal cheat bot. Now the fun really starts and you can show what you've got! Use the bot e.g. to unlock new levels overnight and maximize the fun of the game. With all your new power you will defeat and win even faster! Good luck!

How does the Diablo Immortal Farming bot work?

Basically you have multiple options to start farming with the bot. The first and most popular one is running rifts. Once the bot is setup, you can lean back and watch the bot entering, clearing and leaving the rift. Rinse and repeat! Salvaging is also included, so just head to sleep and let the bot do work. Another option would be open world farming, you can either use an existing route or create one of your own. There is no limit in what you can do.

How can I use Diablo Immortal Cheats?

Once you purchased the Diablo Immortal farming bot, you instantly get an email with the download link for the bot. We created a tutorial, so its very easy so setup the bot if you follow the steps closely. If thats doesn't do the job, you can always write an email to us or join the Discord with over 2750 Members. We will help you and you will always get help and different tutorials there.

What is the best Diablo Immortal Tool?

Well for obvious reasons it's our amazing bot. We have 1000+ customers already who are farming their way up in Diablo Immortal. Watch out for other sites which may try to scam you. In our knowledge there is no other bot right now which is capable of doing what we do. So if you want a safe bot, which is constantly updated and brings endless possibilities to customize, you should stick with ours.

Where do I get the Diablo Immortal Bot?

You can get the Diablo Immortal farming bot via our online shop. Just click here or in choose in the menu Get the Diablo Immortal Bot or click on the Button "Start blasting now!" There you can buy the bot for 30 days. Of course all of our payments provider are secure and safe to use. Enjoy the Diablo Immortal fastest way to Level up.